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About Us

Welcome to AES Ghaziabad, in collaboration with Delhi Capitals Cricket Academy! We are the top school in Ghaziabad, dedicated to nurturing young minds and budding cricketers. Our partnership with Delhi Capitals Cricket Academy ensures world-class coaching and facilities for aspiring cricketers. At AES, we believe in holistic development, combining quality education with sports excellence. Join us to experience the best of both worlds, where academic brilliance meets cricketing prowess. Discover your potential with AES Ghaziabad and Delhi Capitals Cricket Academy – the winning team!

Why Choose Us

benefit 1

Professional Coaching: Students receive training from experienced cricket coaches, helping them improve their skills and techniques in the sport.

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Access to Facilities: They get access to top-notch facilities like cricket grounds, nets, and equipment, which may not have been available otherwise.

benefit 3

Mental Discipline: Cricket teaches important life skills such as teamwork, patience, and strategic thinking, which can be applied both on and off the field.

benefit 4

Physical Fitness: Cricket is a physically demanding sport, and participating in the academy's programs helps students stay fit and healthy.

Client Testimonials

"I joined AES Ghaziabad and the Delhi Capital Cricket Academy collaboration, and it has been an amazing experience! I've learned so much about cricket and sports in a fun and enjoyable way. The coaches are fantastic, and I'm really grateful for this opportunity to improve my skills."
Sreasttha Thakur
"The partnership between AES Ghaziabad and Delhi Capital Cricket Academy is a game-changer for students like me. I've gained not only sports education but also valuable life lessons like teamwork and discipline. I can't thank the academy and my school enough for this fantastic opportunity."
Anvesha Chauhan
"I can't believe how much I've grown as a cricketer since joining AES Ghaziabad and the Delhi Capital Cricket Academy program. The support and guidance from the coaches are incredible, and I'm now more confident in my abilities. This collaboration is a win-win for students who love sports!"
Keshav Mittal

Frequently Asked Questions

 that call will be taken by the coach and school management

that call will be taken by the coach and school management. 3 day or 4 days slot

 we have a school ground and tournaments plus matches take place in Delhi ncr plus sometimes we travel outside too

our program is structured and designed by our ipl coaches, there’s proper evaluation and reporting system to monitor growth. Coaches are all trained regularly . Kids who do well get to be part of ipl camps and trials

 no , but the kids would get a chance to be part of their training during ipl purely on merit basis