Our Mission

Our Mission

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AES is established on the core values of humility, courage, compassion and honour. These values are etched in stone and influence all our decision making in the school with the intent to build a culture that inspires all stakeholders : students, teachers and parents.Our main focus is on making sure students get the best education possible, but we also believe that parents and teachers are super important in reaching this goal together. We think having the best teachers is a big part of making learning meaningful for everyone.

As an institute we perceive learning as an extension of our experiences that influence our intellect and allows deep dive into our self to explore our purpose, abilities and emotions. Self discovery and actualization thus assume a larger role in the learning process at AES.As the top school in ghaziabad To enable and scaffold each student’s journey to unravel his or her own potential and muster the courage to resiliently pursue the passions and possibilities is our true mission at AES.

So, we’ve created a school where students are excited to ask questions and take charge of their learning. Everything, from what we teach to the technology like AI, VR headset we use and The sports we offer, including our sports ground, are designed to help students find their own path in life. At AES, students learn important skills, explore interesting topics, and develop a strong sense of self. This way, they’ll be well-prepared for college and life ahead.