Senior School

Senior School

Rigor, focus and research are the key elements that define the Academics in the senior school. College and career readiness is at the centre right from the subject selection to the application process for the university placement. Enabling each and every student to identify and actualize their true potential through a comprehensive learning program that entails rigorous coursework, field research and essential skill to express one’s perspective through reflective essays is of paramount importance in senior school.

Some of the distinct features of academics in senior school are as follows:

  • Wide array of subject choices from CBSE and IGCSE curriculum
  • Credit based global program supported by SRDS to enhance the portfolio
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship program
  • Gateway diploma Program
  • Collaborative research based long term project amongst the students from the Global school alliance
AES Ghaziabad is the best school in Ghaziabad, providing a comprehensive education from foundation to middle school. This international school is AI-enabled, ensuring that students receive a cutting-edge learning experience.

Collaboration and connect

The collaboration with Saddle River is designed to provide exposure to students of American Eduglobal School in terms of the American methodology , Global Programs and also the provision for the movement of Indian students from AES, ghaziabad  to Saddle river for High School Program. Some other Global Programs designed for exchange between AES and Saddle river day school are as follows:

Innovation & entrepreneurship program

In the Innovation Design Engineering Art and Science Lab, students have access to 3-D printers, a 3-D scanner, circuits kits, Little Bits, electronic kits, Makey Makey boards, Arduino and Lilypad boards, sewing machines, LEDs, Capacitors, Conductive Thread and robotics kits. They use these materials and more to brainstorm and create models, prototypes, wearable tech, and more for school projects. Students from both the schools will do common projects around common themes and tech events.

Student Transfer

Under the 2:2 or 3:1 program for AES students is a unique academic advantage only available to AES students. This global extension to study in senior high school in US will facilitate and ease the process of foreign university placements.

Joint Projects Amongst Students

Certified credit projects in collaboration between Saddle river and AES students around global themes with extensive research in the environment of both the countries boosts awareness and essential skill building that makes it a rightful place for a student portfolio.

Teacher exchange

Keeping Inline with our vision to promote educational excellence teacher exchange programs would allow pollination of ideas, strategies and innovations for transaction of curriculum in tandem with the American approach and pedagogy. Our teachers of all our schools will go through training by saddle river staffs as well Edovu trained staffs.

Joint events

Students from both schools will plan cultural and sporting events to foster a feeling of multiculturalism, global outlook, and international mindedness in the most realistic way possible within the School’s safe and secure environment. Both schools have a well-organized sports programme that is led by certified coaches and popular clubs

Study tours

In order to broaden the horizon of our students in terms of knowledge, awareness and perspective, study tours will be planned for students to Saddle river and vice versa which will culminate with an exhibition.

College readiness Program

The academic support required for students to prepare for university placement is provided through a cohesive college readiness programme guided by the school’s career counsellors. Aptitude testing and diagnostic tools are made available on LMS to chart the student’s trajectory of growth, followed by advice and counselling from the school’s counsellors. Boot camps, bridge programmes, and orientations are organised to help our students gain admission to universities. Regular seminars by industry professionals are planned to inform students about upcoming job trends.