Teacher Training

Teachers are the core custodians of learning who help the learning process. The teaching staff is hired after a rigorous three steps process that include writing an application, conducting a mock demo, and interview by the subject matter experts. Psychometric testing using structured tools like FIRO B is done to gauge teacher’s suitability for the role and a mindset that is conducive to teach children in the most effective way.
All teachers undergo a mandatory induction program conceived to acquaint them with the:

  • International pedagogy of SRDS, New Jersey
  • Cambridge curriculum through certificate/diploma programs
  • Globally certified Learning programs being offered in school

Capacity-building programs for teachers are also organized to enhance the mindset, toolset, and skill set of the teachers to seamlessly integrate the pedagogical elements that are over and above the conventional curriculum. 

  • School visits to unconventional schools in India and abroad
  • Teacher exchange between AES and SRDS schools
  • 80 hours of mandatory pre-service training