Unique Methodology

Teaching pedagogy to transact the curriculum .

The second most significant duty of curriculum is to provide insights into the transaction of the subject through teaching pedagogy. This is vital in maintaining the balance in the curriculum and cocurricular activities designated as the Immersion programme in the context of AES. A well-curated curriculum requires an equally effective instructional method to get the desired goal. At AES, the methodologies that form the conduit of classroom instruction are inquiry-based learning, data-driven instruction, and flipped learning. Each of these approaches to instruction is used to achieve the desired outcome in terms of higher order thinking, conceptual understanding, retention, and improved academic performance. The curriculum framework at AES is built on research-based theories and learning cycles from the inspiring work of Kolbe and Dewey. Some of the distinctive elements of curriculum delivery are as follows:

  • An inquiry-based method encourages active learning by using a well-thought-out lesson plan to get students to think, come up with ideas, work in groups, and take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Project-based learning encourages skill and discipline to make learning more real.
  • Success criteria for learning outcomes and self-assessment rubrics help people think about how to measure learning in a way that takes into account how it changes over time.

Teachers must understand how children learn in order to create an experience that engages the mind, stimulates the intellect, and reaches the soul; learning only makes sense when it is meaningful and relatable. Based on the end goal of developing young adults who are inquisitive, innovative, and social entrepreneurs, we chose a teaching learning methodology that is more than just a short-term approach to direct instruction, but an immersive approach that intrigues learners, fosters engagement, and allows for constructive improvement. Pedagogical contact between teachers from American schools in the Global Consortium raises the bar for the most recent teaching-learning approach and best practices.