Middle School

Middle School

Our educational approach is to make our students imbibe leadership qualities of initiative and accountability and at the same time be equipped to face the challenges of the Real world. We offer a variety of subject combinations that increase the knowledge base of Middle school students to function morally and ethically with an AI-enabled approach to the Digital world to ace the technological tools that are present now and would evolve in the future. We understand that the Industrial revolution 4.0 has fast-forwarded technological advancement and keeping in line with it we offer the following Global program with our partner school Saddle River Day School , New Jersey: And We’re also committed to providing a top-notch education in Ghaziabad.”

  • Robotics and Coding
  • Computing
  • Graphic designing
  • Digital Media
AES Ghaziabad is a top school in Ghaziabad that offers foundation, primary, and middle school education. It is an international school that uses AI to enhance the learning experience, making it one of the best schools in the area.

Events and Clubs :

To instill the spirit of true internationalism, students will compete at the interschool, state, and international levels on the following themes:


  • Model United Nation
  • Round square conference
  • First Lego league
  • World robotics olympiad

Clubs will be the inschool program to pursue one’s hobbies and interests.

  • Literary club
  • Cultural club
  • Art club
  • Theatre club

Academic Events :

These academic events are held once or twice a year to help students build a sense of ownership over their learning and recognise their own strengths and shortcomings. The following events provide a window for parents to observe, examine, and encourage their children’s academic growth:

Project Exhibitions:

Students work through out the academic year on authentic projects based on a driving question that raises real life issues and problems, the solutions in form of products are developed by students in the specific project which is research driven and requires high order thinking skills and collaboration .The Triad of Parent,student and teacher is actively involved in the learning journey of the student to support and encourage them to establish goals for themselves and develop the 4 c’s through project presentations in front of the real audience who are subject matter experts from different industries .

Student Led Conferences:

A portfolio , the collection of work samples , reflections, self assessment rubrics and teacher assessments is maintained by each student and shared during the SLC which is an alternative to the conventional PTM.