Academics at AES are defined by a wholesome approach that redefines studying and learning ; teaching and coaching ; information and Knowledge. Each and every etho contributes to the web of learning ecosystem to groom the mindset of the learners to introspect their journey at a deeper level of understanding and application which is an essential skill for the 21 st century learners. The design of the Academics at AES is absolutely in tandem with contemporary research and futuristic trends to impart education that stays relevant and meaningful for students once they step out in the Real world. At the same time it also balances the content and the character for building a strong moral fibre.

Some of the important aspects of Academics at AES that scaffolds its transaction are:

Pedagogy and Approach

  • Inquiry based learning
  • Data driven instruction
  • Flipped classroom


  • Skill & competency based framework
  • Developmental Assessments

At AES , curriculum is developed to guide the teaching and learning in a concise manner keeping it comprehensible, applicable and measurable for all the three stakeholders i.e. Teacher, student and parent. Curriculum is an overarching document for guiding and directing the teachers throughout the year to navigate through learning objectives and outcomes that eventually yield scholastic achievement for the students. Curriculum at AES is a crosswalk between the popular International frameworks while maintaining the native and board requirements. The unique objective of the curriculum is laid out in the following points.