Safety and Security

In our school, a student’s well-being is of the utmost importance. All corridors and strategic areas are monitored by CCTV and have access to the respective heads and security Centre.

Secure parent and visitor check-ins

RFID student identity cards for quick identification

Buses equipped with GPRS and automated pick-up and drop-off alerts

Our infirmary has 6 beds, a dental chair, and a enough supply of critical medicines and emergency supplies.

School Safety Committee:

The school has a school safety committee that is chaired by the Head of School, who also serves as the custodian of the Child Protection Policy.

School Building And Campus:

The school prioritises the safety and security of students on campus as well as on school buses at all times. The entire school is monitored by CCTV cameras strategically placed in classrooms, corridors, staffrooms, audi- torium, library, and all other areas visited by students. Furthermore, the school campus is secured with an adequate height boundary wall and entry/exit gates in different directions, which are manned round the clock by trained security guards and are under CCTV surveillance. Well-lit and ventilated classrooms with Smart boards and comfortable flexible seating for collaborative learning can accommodate 25 students.

School Transportation:

For student transportation, well-maintained air-conditioned school buses equipped with speed governors, GPS systems and CCTV cameras are provided. A security guard, a nanny, and the bus conductor will be on each bus.

Visitor Authentication Management System:

All visitors prior to entering the campus, will be required to comply with the following:

  • Produce an identity card
  • Have their photograph taken for the visitors tag.
  • Carry on themselves an appointment slip of the person they intend to meet, and return the slip while leaving with the signature of the person they met along with the visitors tag.
  • The control system will be able to ‘tag’ the movement of the visitor until their departure.

Student Mapping:

  • All student movement on campus will be ‘mapped’ at all times. While the Outdoor Management System covers all aspects of transportation for our children – boarding, alighting, delay messages and bus tracking – timely messages will be sent to parents.
  • Students who use their own transport will be tracked when entering and exiting campus as well as during their academic day. Parents/Guardians will be required to carry ID cards supplied by the school at the time of entrance, and along with the students’ ‘Exeat Cards,’ parents will be required to display their ID cards at the security gate while exiting with their children.
  • ‘In-School tracking or Indoor Management’ assists in giving information about a child’s whereabouts to the appropriate authorities at the appropriate time. Attendance is also being incorporated into this system and will be tracked automatically.
  • The tag system tracks the whereabouts of children on the school site for their safety and security, which parents may view on their smartphones after downloading the necessary APP.

Fire Safety:

  • Fire drills are held on a regular basis.
  • All teachers receive training.
  • All equipment must be upgraded on time