Admission Process

AES Admission Process

Speak with a Counsellor:
The first step is to speak with a counsellor who can help you navigate the admissions process, provide any guidance you may need, and assist you in making decisions.

Fill Out Admission Form:
After deciding to enrol in the AES, you must complete an Admission form with your contact information, personal information, and other pertinent details.

Document Submission:
To finish the admissions process, you must submit the necessary paperwork, which may include your academic transcripts, certifications, ID verification, and other pertinent documents. Make sure all of the documents are sent appropriately and in the correct format.

Pay the Fees:
After submitting the required documentation, you must pay the fees. You can use a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, net banking, and e-wallets, to make the payment online.

Receive Admission Letter:
The school will send you an admission letter once your enrollment has been approved. All pertinent information, including your enrolment number, information about the course, and other crucial facts, will be included in the letter. You can use this letter to contact the school further.

To speak with the counsellor, make a call to: +91 8282827731
Also visit website