AES Ghaziabad: The Best School in Ghaziabad for Authentic American Education.

Best ten school in ghaziabad

1. We’re the First Truly USA school

AES Ghaziabad proudly holds the title of being the first real American school in our area. That means we follow the American way of teaching, which is known worldwide for encouraging creative thinking, innovation, and all-around development.

inforgraphic of AES best school in ghaziabad

2. Our Huge Campus

Our school is like a big, green paradise! We have a massive campus that covers around 14.5 acres. In the bustling city of Ghaziabad, having so much open space is a blessing. It’s perfect for learning and having fun outdoors.

3. Amazing Sports Facilities

We’re serious about sports and staying fit. Our school has top-notch sports facilities, including a cricket ground, volleyball court, swimming pool, football field, and more. These aren’t just for fun; they teach us teamwork, discipline, and how to be good at sports.

4. Technology for the Future

In today’s fast world, technology is super important. AES Ghaziabad knows this, so we’re making sure we’re ready for the future. We have a special space for more than 16 students where we learn about cool stuff like metaverse technology, VR (Virtual Reality) devices, robots, and coding. This helps us get ahead in the tech world.

5. We Keep It Cool

No more sweating in the heat! Our entire school is air-conditioned. Even when it’s scorching hot outside, we have a comfortable environment for learning.

6. Low Student and Teacher ratio

Learning is better when we get personal attention. That’s why we have a low student-teacher ratio. It means our teachers can give us more individual help, and we can understand our lessons better.

7. American-Style Teaching

We’re not just American in name – we follow the American way of teaching. Our lessons focus on asking questions, thinking critically, and learning about lots of different things. This way, we’re ready for challenges anywhere in the world.

8. Cricket Excellence

We don’t just learn in the classroom; we also excel in sports. Our school partners with the Delhi Capital Cricket Academy, which means we get expert coaching in cricket. We have access to fantastic cricket facilities to help us become great players.

Conclusion, Why American Global school Ghaziabad is Best 

AES Ghaziabad is the best school in Ghaziabad because we’re dedicated to giving you a truly American-style education. Our big, green campus, top-notch sports, and focus on technology make learning here exciting. We have a low student-teacher ratio for more attention, and we follow American teaching methods. Plus, our cricket partnership is the icing on the cake! AES Ghaziabad isn’t just a school; it’s a place where we prepare for a bright future in a changing world