“Thrilling Cricket Unveiled at AES Ghaziabad School Campus – AES Cup Unveils Exciting Action”

image of AES ghaziabad cricket tournament

American EduGlobal School (AES) is announced for a delight cricket tournament that promises to be a treat for cricket enthusiasts. From September 26th to October 31st, ten dynamic teams will compete fiercely in a knockout-style tournament, showcasing their skills and sportsmanship on the Delhi Capital Cricket Academy Ground located within the school’s campus.

The Lineup:

In this thrilling competition, two pools, Pool A and Pool B, will gulf their best talents against each other. Here’s a look at the teams:

Pools Team in Aes ghaziabad cricket cut


Pool A:

  1.   3.S Academy
  2. TNM Cricket Academy
  3.  DS Cricket Academy
  4.  ALFA Cricket Academy
  5.  TNNYC Cricket Academy

Pool B:

  1. TPG Cricket Academy
  2. Youngairsom Gaur Cricket Academy
  3. PR Noida Academy
  4. KG Cricket Academy
  5. Trident Cricket Academy

The Format:

Each match is set to be a thrilling 40-over contest, with the action kicking off at the

brightening, 09:00 AM. The knockout format means every game counts, as teams battle to stay in the competition and inch closer to the desire championship title.

The Venue:

AES Ghaziabad’s serene school campus will be buzzing with excitement during the tournament. The Delhi Capital Cricket Academy Ground, nestled within the school grounds, is the perfect setting for this high-stakes competition. With lush green fields and top-level facilities, it’s the ideal place for budding cricketers to showcase their talent.

A Festival of Cricket:

The tournament promises to be more than just a cricket competition; it’s a celebration of the sport. Families, friends, and cricket enthusiasts from Ghaziabad and beyond are invited to witness this sporting show. It’s an opportunity to cheer for your favourite team, admire breathtaking catches, and witness thrilling run chases.

As the tournament progresses, we can expect nail-biting finishes, heroic centuries, and stunning displays of sportsmanship. AES Ghaziabad takes pride in not only nurturing academic excellence but also fostering a culture of sports and physical fitness. This cricket tournament is a testament to their commitment to providing a well-rounded education.

The Bigger Picture:

Date of teams match in aesghaziabadmatch date of tournament teams









Beyond the boundaries and wickets, this tournament teaches valuable life lessons. Teamwork, discipline, and resilience are qualities that young cricketers will develop as they face the challenges of competitive cricket. AES Ghaziabad believes that such experiences go a long way in shaping not just fine cricketers but also responsible citizens.

The Final Showdown:

As the tournament unfolds, the excitement will reach its peak. Players will give their all for a chance to compete in the final match on October 31st. The final showdown promises to be a spectacle, with tension in the air and the hopes of the respective teams riding high.

In Conclusion:

American EduGlobal School Ghaziabad is all set to host an unforgettable cricket tournament, showcasing the talents and determination of young cricketers. With top-notch facilities and a knockout format, the competition promises to be fierce and thrilling. Beyond the sport, this event embodies AES’s commitment to holistic education. So, mark your

calendars, bring your cheers, and be part of this cricket display!